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Lots of clicking adventures!

Click on these links because… seriously… these bloggers are SO creative… it’s scary:

The House of Smiths – Halloween decor extravaganza (Why do I always want to spell “ExtravaDANZA” after seeing that billboard in Burbank in the 90’s?!? Ugh… Tony Danza will forever haunt me! hehe)

Mod Vintage Life – love love LOVE these ghosts!

Tatertots and Jello – Hostess gift ideas

Eighteen25– (SO fun… and overwhelming – There is SO much to look at!!!)

Be Different, Act Normal – recipes!

Not Martha – List of Halloween crafts!

It is what it is… SO many fun crafting ideas!

The Crafty Crow – check this out if you are a teacher!! Great kid-friendly crafts!

What to do with ribbon scraps…

So, I started blogging in 2006 (Where’s my trophy?)… I’m going to assume that there are… 7000% more blogs NOW than there were then. About 1/4- 1/2 (yes, I’m doing math) of my “regular reads” have disappeared or become inactive. (And I worry… they could at least have a goodbye post! right? *I’m nuts*). So, upon my diving into the deep end of the blogger/blogspot world (Shaking my fist at google)… I’m completely, utterly and totally overwhelmed and feel inadequate to the crafting skills, abilities and ingenuity of these ladies. Either these folks have ghost writers… or they are sporting wonder woman outfits underneath their laptops. (Or maybe it’s caffeine?) **(I CHECKED… err… snooped… many of my blogs are group projects with several ladies involved so HA… I need an entourage STAT)

Aaannndddd there are these networks where they get together and have giveaways, projects and blog posts with unified themes and connected little icons and buttons and stuff. It’s like a new language! (“Can I join in?” Said with a squeaky little girl voice)

I’ll go be jealous somewhere else… but seriously… click on a few of the above links… prepare to be blown away with Halloween magic & supernatural crafting skills ;)

Oh, and p.s… I started a blogger/blogspot blog over at google so I could feel like one of the cool kids… I’m still confused if this is how I should join that network or there is another way (joining said art group entourage, for example). Oh, and does anyone know why blogspot and blogger are one in the same now? I guess I could google that… (shudder… they are taking over the world, I tell you!).

Feeling silly… and tired today… not enough hours in this day!! :)

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  1. Alicia said,

    October 21, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Well, I do like the blogger setup, so I still use my custom domain, it’s just powered by blogger! Yet another thing in my life that has Google’s dirty little fingers in!

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